Friday, September 2, 2011

New Mouse: Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse

My Arc Mouse had depreciated in double quick time, a testament to how intense I had used it. Its side has become sticky, the scroll wheel no longer work properly. I often have to hold down the left button and move up and down the scroll bar of a the active window. Needless to say, it is a huge strain on my fingers and it often hurt.

Therefore I have bought this mouse, the Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse today. It is going for $59 at Comex, but I got it from Challenger @ $56. Actually I only paid $6 for it. I had traded my accumulated points for two $50  vouchers. Also took the opportunity to renew my membership at $30 for another two years.

The batteries (2 x AA) is rated to last 18 months. This is a far cry from my Arc Mouse one to two months. Also this mouse uses the newer bluetrack technology.

The new and old mouse side by side.

I am adding this pic since I didn't have any photo record of this foldable arc mouse.

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