Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tan Cheng Bock stint in the Army

This video struck a chord with me. Reminded me of my experience with the Army. Caused me to reminisce what Dr. Wong Kum Hoong often told me, "Young man, you don't know...." So this must be one of those things Dr. Wong might had be alluding to. He was very critical of some practices of the SAF. To cut a long story short, I listened to Dr. Wong advice, challenged the medical officer, got to medical board and got downgraded....I recalled my platoon 2IC. He had a medical condition. He shouldn't be on active combat duty. I wouldn't be surprised he is living in Mandai Crematorium now. If you don't know how to look after yourself, others, especially the government would, and it might not be to your interest. Lee Kuan Yew had made great contributions to Singapore, but am I glad he had also resigned from Cabinet.

That's it. No to Dr. Tony Tan for President. You cannot have a hand in glove PAP man for President.Who is going to protect us if the government deem it necessary with their limited but purported godly wisdom to be brutal again. Thank God for the Internet.

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