Monday, August 31, 2009

Dr. Wong Kum Hoong

He was the good doctor who saved my life. While serving national service, I was diagnosed to be suffering from a serious kidney ailment. The government doctors weren't able to help much; in fact for a while they thought there was nothing wrong with me, but Dr. Wong insisted that I pressed my case. I did and eventually a painful renal biopsy confirmed my condition and they duly downgraded me. What if I had not me Dr. Wong. I would probably be on dialysis today or as likely died from renal failure.

Dr. Wong treatment was really simple. He put me on Penicillin V for a whole year, monitoring every month.

What amazed me was when I first saw him, all he needed was a blood test and he could guess what I was suffering from. SGH did countless tests and found nothing. He predicted that the renal biopsy would be positive.

As far as I know, his extraordinary skills aren't passed to subsequent generations, or not to many. What a huge loss.

What the newspaper article said about his medical skills is completely true.

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