Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Helping the Disabled (A placeholder)

Denise Phua is one of the few PAP MPs I admire. This is what she posted to her wall last night.

No hands, no legs - Nic Vujicic, motivational speaker. I sat next to him once at a seminar. I was in awe.

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    • Jasmine J Goh Wow, amazing! I like his positive attitude. I hope to listen to his motivational speaking. Let me know if anyone know where he is goin to speak the next time. I like to attend.
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    • Jasmine J Goh Now, we have to feel for ourselves that we are LUCKY to have hands and legs. We have to make use of our capability to help MORE needed people. I want to help people too!
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I have been following the discussions. Some of the contributions are so typical of grassroots volunteers and leaders. They just want to do good for others, but my thoughts were quite different. I didn't want to add my comments to her wall as facebook is so much a "live the moment" platform. It is so gone with the wind and then you cannot call it back easily.

I am pairing Nic Vujicic with Nitcharee in my mind. I am sure both of them need help from others to get around even if they can do many things for themselves. Sure, disabled does not mean unable but the laws of Physics have no respect for disabilities. Nic and Nitcharee have that sort of magnetism that cause you to want to help them. I wonder if we can train some of our disabled people to cause others to want to help them too. Perhaps it all begins with a sunnier than us attitude, but I am sure there are lots more I have missed. So this blog entry is a bookmark for me. I will be back.

Update: Nitcharee is back in the news once more. People just want to help her. Some people just have this magnetism.

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