Monday, July 4, 2011

Bible Study: Discussing Acts

We didn't have our discussion last Sunday. We missed it again last night. I recorded a similar event back in March. My habit is to allow them to remind me. If they fail to do so, then we do not have it. Well, last Sunday they said they didn't want to have it.

I recall how pastors and church leaders were often impatient and want to force the pace of our spiritual growth. It never work. Sunday School was organized and conducted on the Industrial Age model. That is for machines but we are living beings with souls. But we are always prisoners of our time and place. Few people are aware of that.

People remain dormant in the ground for a very long time. Always longer than we expected that the only practical approach is to take it daily.

When they discover how great that buried Treasure is, at that time it would be impossible to stop them. So let's not help the butterfly dry its wings. The things of God should stay with God. It's very evil to play God. The PAP tried and it is amazing how God has been gracious to them. It was for our sake.

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