Monday, March 14, 2011

No Bible Study

For two consecutive weeks, we haven't had our Sunday evening bible study. I am not surprised. When life hasn't caught up with the Word, BS is boring. I also never bother to spice it up. Why should I? I don't get the kind of pressure professional ministry workers have. And had they sown the seeds long ago for the fruits we are seeing now in the Christian community.

How often pastors have confused, even hijacked the Lord's work for their career advancement. They were already doing it even before the first Apostles were dead. Since there are so many of them, they reinforce each other error as correctness. What safety in numbers. An obvious test of their teachings is the disconnectedness with real life. The evolution of a Christian vocabulary. Instead of empowering us to love others and so gain the world for Christ, Christians are turning inward forming cliques with their Christian subculture. The exclusivity repels rather than attract others. Sometimes they are persecuted for this rather than the counter cultural love of the Gospel. Because the Gospel reminds people of their sin which they prefer to hide or deny, Christians are hated despite their good works. Instead we are often maligned for the wrong reasons and bring disrepute to our Lord. This problem I feel, is especially pernicious in America, and it making its way here too.

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