Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ikea Restaurant

Standards have gone down and prices up. Standards were for a while still good even if prices have gone north. Sadly, the next change was to keep prices and cut corners with food quality.

Last night we were at Ikea restaurant after swearing it off the last time because the meat balls were terrible. I think that was shortly before CNY. On offer yesterday, laksa for $3.80 instead of its regular price of $5.50. We were so skeptical that we bought the children favorite Diam Cake and Chicken Wings only. We had them packed for take away but not without the insult of paying twenty cents for the box to go with the cakes. The counter staff were almost apologetic. Perhaps other patrons were less kind and far more grudging.

Give it a couple of months and let's see what happened. Would they have gone further down or pump themselves as they ought by their bootstraps.

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