Thursday, September 4, 2014

IKEA catalog and work

Yet another IKEA catalog has arrived. I fondly remember relaxing in bed or the sofa flipping its pages slowly every year when our copy arrived. Now I cannot remember when was the last time I indulged myself. It is work and work all the time now or wondering what is happening before going back to work.

Update: Sep 7 9:50am

This is a huge hit for Ikea and its advertising agencies and I have not seen the advert yet. I read about people talking about it overt he past few days but unless the clip is sitting right in front of me, usually via email I typically have other things to do than go running after such things.

Reading the papers together with wifey this morning I asked her what she thought of this. She responded that it was no big deal. I didn't think she was right or wrong, just her perception that's all. Whatever it has garnered at least 5 million views.

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