Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apple's Awesome iWatch

I was blown away by Apple's idea of wearable technology, their iWatch. This leaves the rest in the dust and annihilated the dictum of being first to market. I remembered yawning at Samsung first iteration of their Gear. Far more important to do something really well. When you are in your own class you no longer compete but leave others to catch up with you.

Kudos to Apple. No Steve Jobs and still the magic is there.

I will not be getting one for my use. I am an Android user and hate Apple's tight control of the software. Also like every new tech stuff, it is often not the best idea to buy version 1.0. Already Seeking Alpha was quick to fire the warning shot.

The rest of the family I am sure will love this. I would just admire that's all.

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