Saturday, March 5, 2011

Money gone

About $2000 on clothes down the drain. May be many years later the daughters will pick them up and wear them. I am not betting on it. Absolutely hate being careless with money and waste :-(

Still investigating Wireless N vs Wireless G. Should we switch? I have no time to do a thorough investigation to my satisfaction. So last night I popped into Challenger to see what they are selling. Very few Wireless G equipment these days, and the price has gone up too!

I am also working on which camera to purchase for the younger girl. Replaceable AA batteries is good but I wonder if the battery makers after years of cut throat competition with each other is now putting less energy into alkaline batteries.

The thing I dislike about digital cameras is their batteries. They die out on you much faster than the camera. On the other hand mobile phone batteries do so much better. I haven't done the work but perhaps the blame is on the way the motor in the camera punishes the battery. Imagine the chemistry going on inside the battery.

Next week we buy the camera. The IT show would be on at Suntec City. I fondly remember years back at that Show we picked up two digital cameras for the girls. The next day we flew off to San Francisco. Well, I thought two cameras were too extravagant. They were so under used. Mostly I was the one having to take the shots.

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