Sunday, December 20, 2015

The story of Japan's retreat from pacifism

Good article on the historical context of Japan's march away from Pacifism. Like many I was poorly informed and thought Shinzo Abe was just an extremely hawkish PM.

Given enough time everything changes. In this instance it has taken about 70 years.

To maintain peace in the Asia Pacific, nations have to engage each other a lot more than before. It helps tremendously if we have a sharper focus on how things might develop but this is useless without talking and working with each and finding every opportunity to do so. I worry about the Philippines. It is so clear strategically they are just stupid and could drag the whole region into an unnecessary conflict.

More than ever knowledge rather than arms is power. The former will let the peace continue the latter is silly dry powder waiting to be ignited.

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  1. It will be good if the Japanese can come clean on their atrocities committed during WW2. As it is, they are still living in denial and distorting history. They could have done what Germany did and the world, particularly Asia, would have been more forgiving