Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars is everywhere

Star Wars under Disney's marketing power has become ubiquitous. I just got the above from my daughter. Both of them have Star Wars themes on their PCs, phones etc., Both prefer Star Trek and still do but just observing them you would have thought Star Wars is their first love.

An old classmate publicly declared that Star Wars is stupid in our Whatsapp group. Guess what? He also went to see the move. He didn't realize the Force is irresistible.

Yep, we are catching Star Wars again on Christmas Eve. I booked the tickets almost immediately after returning from the movie yesterday.

The Force is really strong. I am not as sold as when I was a kid. Nevertheless at those critical moments during the movie I did try to lend the actors some of my Force. I had anticipated every moment correctly. It is easy to read JJ Abrams.

Update: 11:10 am

The other daughter just whatsapp me she came across light saber chopsticks. Many people's mind is just preoccupied with Star Wars.

Chopsticks inspired by your favorite Jedi or Sith character. I imagine they would suggest that you collect them all right?

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