Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SGH HCV: Inexcusable

What a woeful state of affairs at SGH. I expect to see disciplinary measures and not the usual forgive and forget only to see this happen again and again. That would be one of the lessons they must be determined to learn from.

The minister must ask himself beyond the ambit of the review committee if such blatant disregard for the basics is commonplace among the other departments of SGH. He must satisfy himself on this one or a similar crisis will pop up elsewhere. Has he even already issue a warning letter for review and necessary action throughout the hospital?

Exposed blood stains on equipment and trolleys. Even on the wall? Goodness gracious. If this is the standard of performance I bet they also do not wash their hands after going to the loo isn't it? How on earth did they descend to such a low level of practice? The senior leadership has no idea what is happening on the ground? They are helicopters that watch the forest from high and do not know the trees. Everywhere when management is like that trouble is breeding on the ground.

I thought this was bad but never imagine it was so bad. The committee likely didn't believe what they discover was all true.


  1. Lapses my ass, its negligence and MOH should be sued their pants off

  2. Fooking typical Sinkie can't be bothered attitude.

    As long as I get rich and fat, you die your biznez!