Saturday, December 26, 2015

Not true that Brunei banned Christmas celebrations

I was waiting to see if it was really true that Brunei had banned public celebration of Christmas because I didn't believe the report from AFP. So it was untrue then as Today just reported.

It is very simple. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Because the ang moh media had on a few occasions already write up Islam related stories with their growing prejudice against Islam, they have slanted many of their stories to fit their beliefs. As Brunei have implemented sharia laws, to them curtailing Christmas celebration is a logical next step. They never do their homework about sharia. Don't we also regularly read how they mis-report many countries in Asia especially China? Even the Economist is often wrong about Singapore because instead of letting all the facts form a picture to tell the story, they regularly cherry picked what they want to fit their ideological framework. With that year after year they prescribe all the wrong policies for us, and they never learned that they were wrong every time.

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  1. True indeed, the angmohs have the tendency to drum up such stories with prejudice on their agenda. And that goes for a lot of "new born christians" who have little knowledge but what their pastors feed them so as peddle to push the latter's wares of salvation. Intolerance and disrespect of other people's faith and culture are hardly the marks of a true christian. And it is sad that many of these christians do not have even due respect for their mainstream christian denominations, without which they would probably never take on the Jesus brand.