Saturday, December 26, 2015

Laserflair closing

TS Video is gone and Laserflair is set to join them as well :-( The sales person told us tomorrow is their last day of business. We kind of expected this already but not so soon. Yesterday we were at Funan Centre and the outlet there told us they will stay open till the end of the month. We picked up some bargains yesterday and today as well.

I mean the writing has been on the wall for sometime. The disc is making way for streaming video. Now we feel forced to explore that option but we have always like to keep physical discs.


  1. the photo you posted must be dated - those were better times. Over the last sixty days, their branches were being closed off and the shelves thinning away. It is sad - nothing like having a good physical disc to treasure a good movie. People don't seem to preserve things anymore - so short-term in perspective

    1. It looks dated because this was at West Coast Plaza. You are right that the shelves are quite empty which is what we saw at Funan Centre the day before.

  2. Was glad among the hardcore lovers to start picking up the good pieces at least sixty days back. Though the shop people refrained from saying the inevitable, the signs are all there. Who's next - Poh Kim?? But their prices are steep as if their stock do move.... :(