Monday, December 7, 2015

Jimmy Carter successful immunotherapy treatment

This news is only a few hours old. On Sunday Jimmy Carter broke the news that his cancer is gone. We are very short of peace makers and it is good we still have him with us, all of 91 years old.

I thought I had blogged about him leaving the Southern Baptist Convention but I couldn't find it. Two times I had mentioned him here and they were sometime back in 2010.

I never appreciated why LKY was so openly disdainful of Carter. I guess this sentiment is completely shared by Henry Kissinger as well lots of the American elites. As a kid I vividly remember Carter brokering the peace between Egypt and Israel in one of the covers of Time Magazine. I also remember his public display of pessimism and especially the botched rescue effort in Tehran of American hostages. Well it has been many years and now I appreciate that he was no politician but a statesman. How is that possible? Well Jimmy Carter made it so.

I digress because what I truly wanted to write about is cancer but these stories are too personal and I never (proven over and over again at others' expense) believe anything on the Web can remain private. Suffice to say Carter's successful immunotherapy treatment gives me hope for many of my cancer stricken friends. I wonder why I know so many people enduring cancer. That is a far harder question to answer than why so many have lost the fight such that I am often not hopeful for those still fighting. Of course I am most hopeful about those on immunotherapy treatment. I like the science of this stuff as well.

I have learned much about God from walking alongside cancer sufferers but I guess this is also not the time to say more yet.


  1. Good Jimmy - he is blessed