Tuesday, December 15, 2015

COP21: We have a desperate Climate Agreement

The picture that I wanted to use is the one with a beaming V. Balakrishnan at COP21 but at that time I decided against blogging about this. But those talks and agreement kept bugging me and I think the way to be rid of them is to dump them here.

Why did every nation suddenly become so cooperative? I thought Modi put it best when he alluded to the deluge at Chennai. It was a horrific spectacle, it was India's Katrina. Everyone blamed that on global warming.

Then those who would be among the first to see their countries disappear, I am referring to the tiny island states in the Pacific were jumping up and down over their impending fate, with nothing to lose can we expect any less noise from them?

Many countries have their own stories to share how climate change is affecting them. Meanwhile the US Republican party is still in denial about climate change and looking increasingly stupid. How much respect are they prepared to lose before they wake up?

So how could they not come together and struck an agreement?

I will be impressed if they agree to shoot for 2.7 Celsius instead of 2 Celsius. When they feel even more pain and see the monster threaten to engulf them they will try harder. We ain't see nothing yet. Good luck to OPEC and the oil producers but I am also worrying about the changing geopolitics arising from this.

We are living dangerously alright but no more dangerously then when we faced mutual assured destruction from a nuclear war.

We had always lived dangerously. Perhaps this is the deeper reason why I couldn't get this out of my mind.

I thought the BBC sums it up quite well.

Update: 2:10 pm

This is page 8 from the comics published in the venerable science journal Nature to educate as many people as possible on global warming.

While not stated in anywhere that I have come across, I am sure the combined natural disasters in the last couple of years must filled the minds of national leaders and the delegates who were present at the Paris talks. Without that I doubt we would have a deal. Not a good deal but a start which is in the right direction.

China and India, they have plenty to do. Forest fires in Indonesia were also featured in the publication, shame of  them! That was bio-terrorism!

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  1. My take on global warming. Call it a dog, but if it behave like rat. Rat indeed.