Tuesday, December 1, 2015

AirAsia Flight 8501 Crash

I read the more candid Bloomberg story of the investigators' findings. It was an accident waiting to happen.

The warning sign were flashing redder than my red underline!

Looks like the company assume the plane is so good and reliable to take care of itself they could save money on pilots training.

The crew and passengers on board that flight was just unlucky eh? The vast majority of planes continue to take off, fly and land safely. This is not the attitude that got us here safely. Air Asia have a lot of explaining and rectifications to do.

This is pretty much the Malaysian and Indonesian work attitude isn't it? Approximately good is good enough.


  1. But PT airasia is not airasia sdn bhd

    1. Thanks. I am aware of that. The answer would be Yes and No depending on what we are looking at. Certainly maintenance and training is still under the same Air Asia umbrella. Whatever they run the service like cow boys when the industry is respected for fearing Black Swan events. I would avoid the airline.