Sunday, September 21, 2014

PM at Singapore Summit vs Nikkei Conference

I am happy the PM show a good grasp and clarity of pressing issues compared to his unimaginative and predictable speech in the Future of Asia Conference in Tokyo by the Nikkei paper.

I had criticized him then in an earlier post that peering many years into Asia's future he could missed an elephant in the room: the rise of global militant Islam.

What should we do about the evil form of Islam like the ISIL? There is no quick fix. We will have to conserve our energy and resources and battle them for a very long time until they have given up on their evil interpretation of Islam. We will challenge them on every front in all sorts of ways ranging from the peaceful to the armed. Ultimately we hope the rest of peaceful Islam will rise, condemn, educate and if necessary bear arms under national flags against these evil movements.

In the end it is a family quarrel of the people in the Middle East that is spilling out all over the world. They have hijacked Islam for their violent political agenda. The less results they get the more desperate and violent they become.

We can't interfere in other people's quarrels but we must insist on rules of conduct and enforce them as all people outside the region have legitimate interests to safe guard. When they are ready for the world's help, we will help them. Right now they remain an impossible mess. I suppose things must get worse before there is a chance to make them better.

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