Sunday, September 21, 2014

Disaster if we get a PM like David Cameron

I have been busy to the point that I just couldn't spare a few minutes to post anything for the past few days. A real pity because these posts are like photos and they become valuable as they age.

Jon Eyal article published on the 18th about the Scottish attempt to secede from the UK, note the words in the red box. These remind me of another person: Yeo Ning Hong. He had basically told Maersk to go away to PTP if they are no happy with PSA charges. The giant container line left and Yeo Ning Hong was also shown the door. I didn't expect a veteran minister to be so muddle headed.

British PM David Cameron isn't a knave but I wonder what had gotten into him to make a dangerous date with fate? How could he be so foolish to allow the secessionists a blank cheque? There are some things you just don't risk no matter how confident you are. Oh, this must be a real Black Swan for him. I wonder what if one day Singapore has a PM as careless as Yeo Ning Hong or David Cameron. For now I am sure LHL is much more careful and able than David Cameron. Well LHL is paid a lot more.  Nevertheless a bad PM is too expensive even if he comes free and a first class PM is never paid enough. That's life.

I think David Cameron deserves to be booted out. That would at least provide an excuse not to deliver on all the promises to the Scots needed to keep them in the UK fold. I hope London is not so foolish to over play this until the English murmur that it is better for Scotland to leave. They have navigated themselves and it is all their fault into a very difficult situation.

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