Thursday, September 11, 2014

Banning Tan Pin Pin film

I don't have the time for many things especially the computer games I had loved to play and certainly the issues surrounding the banning of Tan Pin Pin's film. Bertha Henson's blog posts are often helpful in a few hundred words to help me get an idea of some issues. Right now I am more concerned about declining VIX and what it it signaling with respect to debt in the markets supporting inflated asset values....

So how is putting out one side of an argument in film going to help? Where do I have the time to read or view the counter points from the government? Also I know most people and now this has become a proven psychological fact, do not have any idea of the limits of their ignorance. Only a few of us are in the markets and those who aren't aware of our ignorance eventually get killed. The majority of the members of society don't suffer such a fate from their ignorance.

This is not a bread and butter issue. It is not about the CPF or owning a roof over your head. People are going to pick bits here and there, completely misunderstand the movie. A little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.

Those who really want to know should make the trip to JB to view the movie. They deserve to know and they will handle this correctly versus the majority who might just watch a trailer and form their warped opinions from there.

Those 40 members should hop over to JB. Bertha Henson should remind herself that she only share the tip of the ice berg and we don't see the part beneath the water line that informs and shape the visible portion above. These are the moments journalists often forget their readers' ignorance.

It is one thing to be entertained and informed and quite another to put the content to practical use. This film if shown here would be most fertile ground for much mischief. You got the film's content and now naughty people will start to show you how to use them against the government. It is not a good idea to screen it here but a good idea to take that ride over the causeway to see the film. Those folks who make that trip are likely to come back and research more but many local viewers if shown in Singapore will just reinforced their prejudice. Worse, an even larger become primed for misinformation. We are going through a difficult restructuring socially, educationally and economically. Where got time? Tan Pin Pin picked the dumbest moment to try to interest us in her film. Come back later.

Everyone is misinforming us. Advertisers do it all the time, government, its detractors and NGOs some of the time.

Update:  9:05pm

Quek Leng Beng and his pals want the government to relax the property dampening measures especially the TDSR.

The bosses of our public transport companies first and foremost want to have a high performing stock price.

ACRES think the most important issue of the day is protecting wild life

AWARE is almost militant about women's rights.

When the Pink Dotters want to expand beyond Hong Lim Park do they spare any thought for anyone beside themselves? They overplayed their strategy as victims and duly hit the brick wall.

I can go on and on but the point is these days, narrowly focused parties in Singapore only pay attention to their interests and ignore that we share this place and space. They disregard the consequences to society in the promotion of their selfish interests. The public must learn not to be naive. In fact one of  the few parties that look after our interest is the government, not always but often enough.

Of course Anthony Chen and the rest of the film making fraternity is "deeply disappointed". In their business if possible they want Card Blanche to make any movie they want with no constraint. Now even if in private some of them agree that Tan Pin Pin's movie shouldn't be shown here, it is difficult to break rank with the rest. You have to keep your club membership.

Our society need to grow up quickly find new norms that is constructive. We are a small place and cannot ape the adversarial ways of the Americans. It will be sad if we need the government to regulate all these.

Update: Sep 12, 11:05am

I really wonder which is it? She is acting ignorant or really ignorant.

This is not about Communism in an age where nobody believe in that ideology anymore and those who do are wearing it in name only. The real motive behind that movie is an attempt to damage the government. The cover is seeking justice for those whose human rights had been brutally violated.

Now we are set up here in a manner which if you knock the government hard enough all of us pay the price. This is not right. Everyone is naughty and extremely self centered in protecting their narrow interest. If this become a national habit it is only a matter of time we go under.

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  1. Not many people have open minds to read or understand all sides of an issue. For these, a little knowledge can be very dangerous