Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Airbnb here is about Paris, New York etc.,

I think I read about this in yesterday ST. This is CNA version.

Nobody that is a somebody wants or dare to say so in public. The real reason why we have to study and understand the sharing economy well and Airbnb specifically is competition for visitors' accommodation from other global and expensive cities like New York and Paris. Both cities and several more are known for their out of reach hotel rates, and many tourists are now helping themselves to make visiting practical by keeping accommodation cost low through Airbnb. Of course Airbnb is more than cheap, a lot more.

This government never did the proper homework catapulting Singapore into the league of global cities. For us to be sustainable we need our own and yet attractive version of globality. You cannot afford to lose yourself making a buck or you can have some money and lose your soul in the process.

Again another endless example of top boy in a class of failures.

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