Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Worsening experience with eBay

I paid for this twelve days ago.

But I missed the email from paypal that he refunded my money two days later.

As far as I know, the product was not out of stock. Just as well it so happened that I am no longer interested and that's why I haven't been looking out for it to come. But I decided to look at it today, you know to tie up loose ends.

Overall my recent experience with eBay is getting worse. Merchants claimed the product is in Singapore but they lied. I had to press them for refund. This one, I have no time to research and understand why he is doing this.

It is very hard to complain to eBay about such experience. Well if eBay doesn't want to make it easy for buyers to offer useful feedback, I hope they are aware many people have appeared to eat their lunch. I am now very keen to look at alternatives.

Update: June 26 9:20am

The last few times I just let it go. Small money and I have no time. I finally decide to respond when eBay ask for feedback. I am sure I am not the only one, a laggard perhaps as I like to "borrow the wind".


  1. come one it's only $3.40, even very hard for delivery fee

    its time for people to learn that too calculative

    not so good for the big peekture

    as simple as that

    1. Too calculative? LOL, I never apologize for the seller unless our interests are aligned which seldom is in this short term world.

      Well I have had a good run for a few years. Perhaps things have changed. It's Ok. Good reminder from you. I should have penned this in the post.