Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tharman doesn't talk stupid at all

Tharman is one of the few ministers I never ever recall him talking stupid. He is the sort we are not paying enough. Sure, the PM would say if only in private if he could have more like him and it is to his credit that he recognized his ability and promoted him. Come on, Tharman wasn't a scholar and he even took his A levels again. In other words, some will say he is one of us even if in reality he is streets ahead smarter.

And it is wonderful to see him use the noun "everyone" correctly. "Most" is not the same as "every" or "all".


  1. Did recall him saying something like one can buy a HDB flat with $1000 income in Singapore a year or 2 ago...

    1. Thanks for the reminder. Yep, with heavy govt subsidy to the tune of $60K it is possible for these people to buy an HDB flat. No, Thamran didn't talked stupid then. As FinMin he did his homework before shooting off his mouth.

    2. Actually he was speaking in the context of a family with an income of a thousand per month; he would be better off buying a 2 room flat at a 100 thousand dollars than to rent a 1 room flat at 26 dollars or more. He would have a property to his name , an anchor or a permanent roof to built up his family. At 40 thousand after taking the grant, there is no doubt it is heavily subsidised( apply to these cases only hor) . Tharman is one man that truly deserves our respect, too far and few among the whites.

  2. Another Rajaratnam?