Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ridiculous Jolly Bean prices

These Jolly Bean peanut pancake used to be 70 cents a piece like forever. We often bought them when the kids were small and occasionally after they were more grown up. Then it was $1 a piece, I remember as not too long ago. When did it become $1.50? What a ripped off, I don't feel like paying for it. This is just reminding me what it was like when I was a kid during the oil crisis of the 70s.

I think Jolly Bean simply seized every opportunity to up prices. I don't see such price hikes at many other outlets. Kueh Ambon at Bengawan Solo was also 70 cent like forever. It is now a $1 and perhaps a third tinier. Old Chang Kee had also increased prices but not like this....

Update: June 21 12:20pm

Granny's Pancake at the hawker centre is so much better and cheaper ($0.80 vs $1.50) than Jolly Bean!

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