Monday, June 23, 2014

Lim Swee Say: Clarifying as a strategy to be understood

LSS clarifies a CNA report which "misquoted" him on Sunday.

I wasn't interested in this story until this clumsy communicator clarifies. This is really funny because the clarification and the original misquote were basically the same message. So what's there to clarify except that readers have misunderstood LSS and he felt the need to say it again. You can't blame us so you blame CNA? So he repeats himself under the guise of "clarifying" begging for a chance to be understood.

The problem with LSS and some of his colleagues is that they have now been stuck with the reputation for talking stupid. Prima facie there are enough readers and listeners who were just mistakenly tuning in to what inanity is coming from him eh to make him worry.

Cut the chap some slack, politicians especially to the north and south and nearly everywhere are far more stupid.


  1. It is quite unnerving that proper communications have dipped to such lows especially at a time where it is needed.

  2. I hope he stays and make more intelligent speeches from now till 2016 so as to help miw win more votes. Oppo needs more people like him around. His command of english is excellent. He shld be given an award during NDP.

  3. ROTFL. Young means 55yo and above. WOW

  4. Luckily he is not LHL speechwriter