Sunday, June 29, 2014

Burnt a pot

We wrecked the pot tonight because we forgot to turn off the fire as we were so engrossed with the movie that was playing on TV.

I had smelt something burning but I ignored it since it is always from some neighbor. Didn't occur to me at all this time this is coming from our own kitchen!


  1. Many moons ago, I daresay before you were around, a photograph appeared in the "Undergraduate" a mouthpiece of non-hostelites at the then University of Singapore at Bukit Timah Road.

    The photo showed a pot with its lid covered and smoke pouring out and the caption: "Smoking pot".

    As a regular smoker, I have never in my smoking career tried pot and not because of missed opportunities as I lived overseas - Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

    My reason is straight forward. I do not do "soft" drugs, drink heavily nor misuse medication. Reading some of your comments and those of others on the WWW provide me with all the "highs" I need...


    1. Hi David, LOL! Anyway I kinda of remember your comment regarding Probowo sometime back whenever I thought he might become the next Pres.

  2. About Prabowo, someone I knew many years ago and still coincidentally meet on SQ SIN-JKT-SIN flights...

    Uncle Sam's Asian Pivot will be irreparably damaged as its current game play so far had not swayed Indonesian voters and China and Russia and friends will win by "de fault" because of "exceptional" high-handed ham-fistedness of their envoy in Jakarta.

    Much like India, where Modi was banned from visiting the US before the writing was clear on the wall, adjustment to reality about Indonesia starts in 7 days time...