Saturday, June 14, 2014

Android: SoftMaker Office besting MS Office

I received this offer from the German software publisher SoftMaker earlier today. So I have been invited to participate as a beta tester for their Office product. This is a very competent alternative to Microsoft Office.

Looks like an outsider is besting Microsoft to the Android platform over the Office product. Microsoft Office for Android is not the complete PC version. On the other hand SoftMaker is almost ready to offer one that is better than what Microsoft is selling and I am sure at a fraction of Microsoft's price. That giant in Redmond is in trouble. The performance gap between tablets and PC can only narrow even as both can only get more powerful. Gradually Windows and Office will become yesterday. Microsoft is in deep trouble because it can no longer execute well and quickly. It is terribly hard to play catch up successfully when you are late.

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  1. SoftMaker currently offers three apps (TextMaker Mobile, PlanMaker Mobile, and Presentations Mobile) that are not only highly compatible with Microsoft Office formats, but also set new standards in feature completeness. They are so much better than Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS!! And it seems, SoftMaker is going to increase the distance by this upcoming version. Microsoft has missed the Android Office boat, Softmaker steers it into the future.