Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Pope Francis Interview

I think I get this Pope, I hope so. He is like an unexpected answer to long time prayer especially when I am not a Roman Catholic.

I first blogged about the interview from the NYT article of it. I had seized it as an opportunity to compare him with Lawrence Khong and his ilk.

Tonight as is my daily habit I was going over what good Kindle stuff Amazon might have and came across the interview as an eBook for $2.99. But I guessed correctly I can probably get it for free somewhere and quite quickly I found it here.

My guess is many will misunderstand him but that's alright. There is time to get this right even if it takes a very long time. Jesus was even more misunderstood.

These words of Christ will ring in my mind as I go on to read the interview: "Do not think I have come to abolish the law but to fulfill it".  Yes, he is a theological conservative but he will utterly surprise you in the manner he live, teach and lead. The Bible offers the best way to explain what's happening: New Wine. Now he is systematically going about bursting old wineskins.

In a way he also reminds me of Desmond Tutu in the social and political arena, and Francis of Assisi everywhere else which he took his name as Pope. And if you think Francis, you cannot miss Mother Teresa.

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  1. Humility and Openness are important virtues of true leadership, particularly in religious and spiritual matters. Every human seeking God knows He or She reveals to us in our daily encounters with other people and events. The trouble with some self-righteous religious leader is to impose his or her interpretation of what God wants - without realising that the Creator speaks to every other person seeking the Truth as well. How myopic and narrow-minded are such "representative" of God. We need to really pray for him or her and the sheeple in his or her flock.