Monday, September 30, 2013

PM: Trust in public critical for success

Ok, I trust the government to keep the power generators and the its distribution working; the rubbish to cleared daily; the SCDF to respond to emergencies; to get my passport renewed; the police to chase down serious crimes...quite a long list.

Ok, I don't trust the government playing politics trying to fix the opposition; the Population White Paper; Affordable healthcare; How Dinesh Raman died in prison; the public transport system; that there was a Marxist Conspiracy; that tuition is not necessary...quite a few things but not as long as the list of items I trust them to do.

The most egregious is not a laundry list of items and services I trust or not trust them to perform but how they measure up against our pledge. So I am watching to see how well and quickly they move left of centre politically.

What the heck, at the end of the day we have no choice but to trust the government. Therefore what is needed is to have the means to verify anywhere and anytime that they could still be trusted. Only his father gave it to us as is and unvarnished, the rest of them we need to put through an interpreter to divine the real meaning and intention of their words.

So much for trust, we are slipping into becoming like any country, which is good enough for others but not us. We make our living and stay relevant by being exceptional.

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