Friday, September 27, 2013

PM Lee on Work-Life Balance

From the ST two days ago but I was too busy to blog about it then.

A few are fortunate to have work-life balance. Many either have to live with a lot of Work or a lot of time for Life, but not sure if they have the life they want.

More of us could have had good work-life balance if government policies were more farsighted and courageous as far back as GCT became PM. Now it is pointless to talk about what-ifs. We have to make the best of what we have.

If you cannot achieve a happy work-life balance for yourself, give your children the means to do so. In a similar vein our parents lifted us from poverty. It is now our job to help them go the next lap.

Publicly and unfortunately we must make our unhappiness over poor work-life balance loud and clear to the government. Experience have taught us that unless we put hot coals under their comfy chairs they become complacent and take us for granted. I wished it wasn't like this but again this is also what is past and we learn our lessons on how to make them work hard. They must think of less glory and more people in their policies.

If the PM thinks we want want to have better work-life balance and losing our lunch doing that, he must be out of his mind. I expect him to be smarter.

The playing field for the government and the people must be level. Because it isn't that's why government leaders are losing the people's respect. The PM should stop complaining about us looking to the government to solve all problems. We do that because government is pervasive here, i.e., government is often both the problem and solution in Singapore. So who and where else to complain about work-life balance? Privately we will make the best of our individual and family circumstances. At the end of the day we will keep Work if we cannot have Work-Life. What life is there without Work? But the PAP will also lose the elections eventually. We are not being unreasonable. The whole idea of a prosperous and vibrant Singapore was a preposterous idea which we made to work. We gotta to make the unreasonable feasible like we always had. Never say cannot be done. Just keep trying. Don't and you can't solve many of our problems but help the people try and keep trying.


  1. He has a better work life balance, for a small country he has so many Ministers in the PMO office and several others staff, compared to other Ministers in India, China & Vietnam. I am sure they would want to steal his lunch not to mentioned his out of this world salary. They are doing much more for less than him, and even first world leaders are. So I guess he should be last one to give advice. Anyway, just look at how many times his wife follows him for overseas trips? Now that the ultimate work-life balance

  2. i think it depends on companies you work for. Western influenced companies tend to be more relaxed. I can vouch that. Also depends on individuals which personal satisfaction, goals and dreams plays a big part. As we all know, everyone wants to be rich though they are a few who are just happy and satisfied with what they have and make do.