Monday, September 16, 2013

Lee Kuan Yew's 90th Birthday

Tonight Lee Kuan Yew's family would be celebrating his birthday at a private dinner. Yes, I think it is time we give his life back to him. It is time to rest and he has shown that willingness to let go and let be - that's wisdom.

The media of course cannot tell a family story of the man but stories and anecdotes of him as a larger than life leader. So I think a very good graphic of him like ST had would do.

I like it best what Stepfanie Sun shared about her experience with Mr. Lee.

Let the man rest. He has done more than enough. Sure he wasn't perfect, nobody is but we are all glad he has taken us here in our unending journey to a more perfect society.

On his 90th year, it is not time to display trophies but touching family and hearts.

Happy Birthday Lee Kuan Yew.

Update: Sep 18, 6:55am

Count on the Foreign Service guys to share something worthwhile and personal about the man.

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