Sunday, August 18, 2013

When WP grows up, time to worry

Link to CNet article.

Even thought it's a little early this is a good time to own up to this because I remember a post yesterday and do not want to contradict that. On and off I appear to contradict myself mostly because I didn't want to put in the effort to make myself clearer. Sometimes it is because they are work in progress in my mind.

As and when the WP is strong enough to challenge the PAP, we will see that the relationship between the two parties would be no different from that between tech giants. For those who can still remember the words of LKY at Aljunied in 2011, those would be prophetic words. Google lied low when they were much smaller than Microsoft. WP is doing exactly that. Consumers benefited both ways. The happy situation would end when the two biggies fight each other. We will be forced into the same situation some day as long as the WP did not by carelessness or bad luck sink itself.

You can't blame the PAP for wanting to fix the WP can you? Deep trust is built between individuals and may be very rarely between families but you can't scale beyond. I have known this as a hard truth for a long time but like many we are also tempted to give fairy tales a chance to become true. I think I want to put an end to this one.

I want the WP to help make the PAP better. I do not want them to be able to successfully mount a challenge against the PAP for a very long time, at least until we are be more politically mature and resilient. The Swiss model of governance is attractive but I am not sure if it can be achieved here as we drank from very different wells, we must be very different creatures.

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