Thursday, August 1, 2013

What unAuthentic Family Pledge

I was completely uninterested in this Family Pledge thingy until the Breakfast Network published an article on it. I read BN because their articles are short, gets to the point quickly in a breezy style. Folks like them and others will eventually show the MSM how to do it better or even right.

But all that isn't good enough. I don't want all these superficiality and dressing up. Give me authenticity. This is what I often get when I get the chance to hear PN Balji on radio (he is not from the BN). The problem with MSM is that except for a few writers, they love crap, apple polishing and the superficial official line - Just like this 'The Family Pledge', which  BN's Alvin Pang had torn apart.

The age of do as we are told is over. Now you have to sell the reasons for every command, in fact it can no longer be commanded.

The Family Pledge as Alvin Pang rightly pointed out must be based on love. If that is absent its observance is at best hypocritical and definitely only for display to outsiders only. I have seen couples who would use daggers on each other in private but are model spouses in the company of friends and colleagues. That's the family pledge eh?

For a sometime already we have moved from the age of Good Colors to True Colors. Cyndi Lauper even had a hit song with that theme. Better to set aside this pledge and have a true color one if you want to it to last, to grow. We will just forget this one quickly, a waste of time. Some like me if not for BN, wouldn't even bother. We already know it is just one more of the usual boring unauthentic same.

Update: 11:10pm

What Family Pledge? Here is the gold standard! Love in action.

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