Friday, August 9, 2013

The Genius of Breakfast Network

So Breakfast Network picked up my comment from in this blog. I am glad they appreciate it. I have also been selling their site to others. Happy to promote them.

Ah Bryan Ti again. Most times I don't agree with him but everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Looks like this smart chap has more time than most of us. I would like to tell him to be more realistic. Our lives often do not depend on most of the news we receive so there is no need to get to the bottom of things. Where is the time for that? We would drill deep when we need to but daily we each have to look after our plot in the farm because our living depend on it. Either Bryan Ti is a multitasking genius that work and think super quickly or more likely he didn't need to make a living. We are not as sic unlucky as him.

Breakfast Network shouldn't waste time with comments like his. There are too few Bryan Tis to matter. ST is a talent business and when they cannot scoop up all the writing and story telling talent for themselves that's the beginning of regime change for them. Perhaps BN should grow quickly before similar start-ups come along. Find a deep pocket backer and compete vigorously and start to grab advertising revenue. Meanwhile SPH is making the same mistakes SIA was and continue to make.

BN window of opportunity is when ST could only watch her helplessly doing the 'unbecoming' and leveraging MSM assets for free. For pennies BN could do the things ST could not or dare not do. The latest example was the PM's National Day Speech in Singlish. I am sure the PM would appreciate that because that is far more memorable than the one in good English. At the same time he cannot be seen to promote Singlish.

BN filling the gaps is just classic entrepreneurship. SPH faces the Innovator's Dilemma. The theory is becoming reality for them. As for Byran Ti, he regularly mixed up the theory with the practical.

  • Bryan Ti BN self-professes to critique the MSM through its articles. 

    By calling this a compliment, is BN somehow endorsing the view that one should read a critique of something, without first or eventually perusing what is being criticized to understand its context better, and then to decide whether the criticism is fair and valid?

    I regard that as quite a perverse and misplaced logic frankly, and I am very SURPRISED that the editor(s) of BN supports such a narrow view.

    If I post a SLANTED critique of a BN article, I wonder if BN would be happy that others swallow what I say, hook, line and sinker, without even bothering to refer to BN's article? 

    Your response, please, BN.

    CC. Kwan Jin Yao
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  • Bertha Henson I don't quite get what you are saying. We do link our stuff back to original articles. But we're not sure about linking back to stuff that's behind a pay wall. Doesn't seem right to give people paid content for free. So we try to excerpt or quote here and there.

  • Bryan Ti Bertha, my point is not whether the link to the original article is provided.

    Instead, the issue is whether, in regarding the comment as a compliment, BN thinks it is right that people do not bother or find time to read BN's critique article IN CONJUNCTION with the original.

    To me, this is the general phenomenon with regards to how people peruse the so-called social or alternative media. So for example, people 'swallow' the articles critical of government policies and do not even bother to find out what the actual policies are, the rationale behind them as originally proffered by the policy-makers. 

    Is this phenomenon of reading critiques in isolation healthy and should BN be happy and proud if BN readers are behaving the same way?
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  • Zan Thang Bertha Henson: I have a question. Is Breakfast Network saying that it's "ok" to "not having the time to THINK through" and let you do it for them?
    • Breakfast Network of course not! everyone shud take time to think thru! If no time, we try do it for u. one thing we do is we try to read different media to readers got different perspectives or more info here and there. Don't think people take time to compare
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  1. Let me understand correctly what you are trying to say. Correct me, if I am wrong.

    It goes something like this. A newspaper writes an article. This better than sliced bread blog deciphers it and suddenly the reader sees the light. And you say that is a good thing!


    Let me put it another way to you. You come to me for an explaination as to why water starts to boil at 100 degrees celsius.

    I explain it to you. You are none the wiser for the experience.

    But since my secretary can understand precisely my incomprehensible "nuanced" thoughts that others can never fathom - she is able to explain it to you in a way that is understandable.

    Now how much sense does that make? A wise man in that case would speak to my secretary or better still give me the boot and put her in charge of explaing the ridicolously simple and vapid.

    Not much common sense is there to have a blog whose sole function is to massage and gloss over the whole idea of reportage. I wonder what is the point of having a daily rag, if to understand it, it first needs to go through a blog for an opioninated write up? What ever happened to the idea of the fastest way to point A to B is a straight line.

    Not to thinking folk at least.

    Thank you

    Darkness 2013

    P.S: What do I think about Breakfast Network? Really, you don't want to know. Better go ask my secretary for an executive summary.

    May I politely ask, how old are you?