Thursday, August 8, 2013

Suspicious of Vincent Wijeysingha

Since the last GE, on and off I discover that I have doubts about the SDP. In particular I think Vincent Wijeysingha would aggressively push for gay rights if he gets into parliament. I am for giving the gays more space but I am against the methods of VW. By stealth and subterfuge but also in public posturing like this one and similar others. Not acceptable to me. They are divisive.

There has been plenty of news about what's happening in Egypt. I just came from reading one from the Economist. I think the SDP like the Muslim Brotherhood over there but with less incompetence would reward and promote their own interests than Singapore society. They are a dangerous party.

VB vs VW, VB was a clumsy politician. He failed to called VW out correctly with shrewd and it backfired on him.

As for the National Family Pledge, I believed I blogged my disagreement earlier. It was just superficial motherhood and superfluous. Yep, I don't like the group Focus on the Family either. Even as a teenager I was much exposed to James Dobson's ideas but thereafter build my own as I mature. Christianity is in crisis today but at least the Roman Catholic church under Pope Francis is beginning to fix it. The Church's story is one of many rebirths.

Think SDP, think the Little Red Riding Hood story. Observing them since 2011, I find that I can't trust them.; especially when they forget some of us were watching and we could see their true colors.

Update: August 11, 4:25pm

VW could have done it but not necessarily using the OSC platform like Shawn Danker from the Breakfast Network had.

If 10% may be 20% or more our people are gay, I think the numbers are significant enough, the impact on society considerable for VW to had gone about it like he had, but I object to anyone trying to hoist a big flag and shout from the roof top because it is their issue. To what degree I asked myself was VW trying to ride and may be hijack SDP platform for his narrower interest?


  1. Your criticism is totally not understandable. Any citizen should have the right to contact a minister on an issue that interests him or her. Your post here is very divisive and it is such an irony that you post exactly something that you yourself despise!

  2. As a SAHM, I cannot tolerate Vincent's views and his hidden agenda. I will never vote for SDP.

  3. Anyone should have the right to champion a cause he/she believes in. Just because you don't like the cause, doesn't gives you the right to stop it.