Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paying for NDR proposals

I was wondering how this government plan to pay for the extra spending the PM proposed during the NDR. The Finance Minister Tharman explained how along three guiding principles.

1. Deliver policies for a fair society in a sustainable way. Let's watch how they make that balance, which must not be like before.

2.  Design policies and subsidies that will reinforce individual and families efforts. Yet again if like the usual detractors you think they would stick to the old balance, there is nothing new. I don't think they are so stupid.

3. Government will find additional ways to support community initiatives for a just and fair society. I think of the three this could turn out to be the most critical. This is the arena where they will get the information and targeting needed for 1 and 2 above. MOE is putting greater emphasis for our pupils to look and act beyond oneself and contribute to the larger community. At the same time, the government in the OSC have discovered there is plenty of idealism, energy and enthusiasm especially among the young which can be well directed.

We have about two or more years to see how they put all these into action. My gut feel is that they are finally get it. I still wish for better than this but this is good enough.

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