Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ng Eng Hen: Online threat to Total Defence

This was in my face in the front from the daily ST I get everyday. In the hard copy it was buried deeply in page B8.

A clear shot across the bow but I suppose it missed the target audience since they mostly do not read the MSM especially the ST.

I think the way this government run Singapore we will lose talent quickly. I am also quite sure they know this better than I do or they wouldn't have bore with this for so long.

And I almost forgot. With such intolerance, it will not make Yale-NUS look good.

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  1. Yup, the amount of false information and distortion of facts we have in the MSM is more than enough!! Shouldn't add to it...

    This is why we need the govt to come clean. However, it refuses to do so - on a number of important issues.

    Until it does, it should shut up and sit down.

    Currently, it is gungho on manufacturing threats, like Ng has just done. Isn't that also a threat to Total Defence? Isn't insisting that people not speak up a threat to a country's development? Isn't rapidly diluting a country's population with foreigners - and even Upping the speed of this when you don't have the infrastructure - threatening Total Defence?

    Ng should get his facts right before speaking.