Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mothers: Opted out and returning?

See NYT Magazine article.

Reminds me of the high powered mothers I met years ago when my kids were still in primary school. We mostly lost touch with each other but I occasionally see their postings on Facebook. They are fortunate to be in Singapore. The Americans have is much harder.

Not everyone of them has the luxury to be a tai tai. Quite a few would have to return to work. Also as their kids grow up and eventually as become empty nesters what are they going to do with their time? In fact, I have even heard such moms talking about their dilemma on FM 93.8 in our morning drive to work.

The Americans can afford a lot of waste but I wonder how is our economy putting our highly educated moms back to meaningful work. I think being tight we admitting FTs surely help these moms find good jobs when the time comes.

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