Friday, August 16, 2013

Most SMEs didn't move out

From ST yesterday.

Quite a few SMEs threatened to relocate out of SG when the government decided they had to tighten the inflow of foreigners. Guess what? They have decided to work on improving productivity instead. Something they felt could not be done.

So many things that we were told cannot be done is now being done. We must always look at the power balance. There is no fair play. The more powerful party often takes advantage of the more powerful one as long as he is perceived not to exercise his power: our votes. If we want to keep this place special, people should never have over leveraged (not abuse) their power. It is very trust destroying and the slippery slope to becoming like anywhere else. For many years I was curious how the toxic industrial relations in SIA did not affect their performance. It was only a matter of time. Gallup surveys of how disengaged our workers are is a flashing red light of a serious underlying chronic problem.

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