Monday, August 26, 2013

Microsoft and us: Story of the bad, good and great

This is what happens when the once great has become only the good. It could be our story too but nation states move in slow motion compare to Tech. We ought the learn the lessons of Microsoft. Both of us have similar values, which I disdain.

It is not a product, service or even resource story which belongs to the industrial or agricultural era. It is a people story. Microsoft hadn't been able to attract, organize and retain great people for a while.

There are three groups: the bad e.g., Nokia, the good like Microsoft and the great like Google, Apple...

Similarly in the government space, many governments are bad, some are good which Singapore is in and nobody is great. We were once great. That's why we are doing better than Microsoft.

I hope we are retooling ourselves to become great once more. There is no evidence we are getting there. Right now we are only closing the obvious gaps.

Update: August 27, 1:25pm

This article from Fortune explains my case far better than I did earlier.

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