Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jack Sim's advice to

I totally agree with Jack Sim. He also provided some how-tos but I think they are only doable if he was leading the enterprise. We have to be flexible about that.

His advice for PN Balji is as valid for Breakfast Network too.

The problem with the middle ground is that we tend to be passive. We are usually very busy and would not show up until it is quite late, e.g., our response to the PWP, FTs, schooling, recognizing Laurentia Tan wins etc., Fringe and special interests groups try to enlist us and they are always beating their drums to do that. They are wasting their time. They should always begin with issues of their children and/or bread and butter matters. In this vein it was stupid of the PAP to make a mountain out of the mole hill of hawker centre cleaning. Most of us saw that as nothing more than fixing the WP.

So the PM's National Day message was a good one. Show that his government is starting to listen and well on the way to fixing the wrongs. You will not get a score card full of As. That is not possible but the government is working to rectify the mistakes.

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  1. He only need to fix his fixation on wage freeze, wage cut or indefinite deferment of CPF withdrawal. The first significant thing he did since the day he got on to the cabinet in the eighties, was to get NTUC to agree to wage freeze and CPF cut and the deputy Sec. Gen. then, Lim Boon Heng obliged.

    He called the award he gave SR Nathan a "token", much like his own salary is also a "token" since his family have control over hundreds of billions in his Sovereign's Wealth Funds. We now have a situation where second rate talents have to be enticed with $$$ to play second fiddle in his government. Real talents are the smarts staying away.

    To avoid another big disappointment, I won't put too much score on his ND message.