Sunday, August 4, 2013

Go Thai, Be Free

First noticed it from the regular email from my NYT subscription. I was curious and as I follow the links in the article I found this, a promotional video from the Thais.

Personally I think homosexuality is unnatural. The Bible and other old religious books speak against it and I am trying to understand this better as I realized their world will meet the edge of mine very soon if not already.

I have also noticed very often the homosexuals unintentionally show up the hypocrisy of the religious straight. We have no right to persecute them. In more ways than one I see their existence as our failure. If we are homophobic we also in honesty must loathe ourselves - Physicians, heal thyself.

There is not going to be a repeat of fire and brimstone raining down on Sodom and Gomorrah until the time comes for the whole earth to be consumed by fire, which would include the homosexuals and the straight. Looks like we have bigger things to worry about beginning with our evil selves. I wouldn't be surprised if homosexuals will judge us first before they are judged by God.

I would love to have more homosexual friends. There is much I can learn from them. They are and must not be made to be the new lepers. Nevertheless I am not ready to see STB put up our equivalent of this Thai promo.

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