Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gates to Brin & Page: I am better than you

Link to CNet article.

I see this as just Mr. Gates trying to tell Google founders than I am better than you. Silly.

At the other extreme what impressed me totally and I am still trying to understand came from Mother Teresa, "...we can do no great thing; we can do small things with great love".

Recently I had received some articles on philanthropy especially the one by Peter Buffett the son of Warren Buffett.

I keep things as simple as possible. Here it is: Exemplary Help Giving. So on this score I am more with Google founders than Mr. Gates. The irony is that Warren Buffett is going to give most of his money to the Gates' Foundation. What to do? When you have made the money first then give this is what you are landed with. That mom and pop laundry gets it.

Nothing is better than apple pie ways.

Update: August 11, 11:25am

Bill Gates you are far inferior to my today's discovery: Our very own Tong Ming Ming. This is on top of that mom and pop laundry doing better than you.

I have only one takeaway from Bill Gates: Stop comparing.

Update: August 11, 3:40pm

No need to go out of the way. I have found another example in Mark Phooi to compare Bill Gates with today. He was giving back even as he was building his wealth - unlike Bill Gates who was crushing the competition and achieving world dominance. Our local boy was giving away the businesses his staff helped him built, giving away scholarships to a money losing educations business or later be realized more like a social enterprise.

And we haven't even start to talk about outside the slum what is the meaning of  doing small things with great love.

Not until lately when we threatened this government with our vote, they were only besotted with the likes of mega philanthropists like Gates, with winning the Summer Olympics.Where were there room from LaurentiaTan?

Update: August 17, 8:00am

The same spirit as that neighborhood laundry but by a corporate giant.

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