Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Damn Useless India

India is fortunate if she could stay still but the reality is that more and more people are giving up on them. In fact, I have been shocked and angry with them for sometime but avoided blogging about it. If I may speak my mind, they are damn bloody useless especially the government and the selfish upper class.

Take a look at what financial markets are suggesting. The chart by Bloomberg shows the rupee is cheaper than during the last global financial crisis. You don't see this in any emerging markets. People are heading for the fire exits. The Congress government is totally feckless. They do not need reminders that all its oil is imported.

Update: August 31, 10:00am

A good article from the NYT summarizing the problems plaguing India. I have one word for them: self-sabotage.

Nobody can help you when you are your own worst enemy. The solutions is internal. Good times came when the external environment is supportive but those times never last.

Update: Sep 1, 3:35pm

Kinda of says it all the funk India is in.

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