Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cancer Treatment Conundrums

It is only a matter of time that I will have friends may be even myself who would develop cancer to the point that Andy Ho has written about.

Most of my cancer stricken friends are those who had caught the disease early. Their prognosis are excellent. However there is one on 'maintenance' treatment and I often asked her about the condition of her liver whenever I am able to help take her to her doctor appointments. After reading Andy's article I wonder if it might not just be an extended palliative case :-( After all the senior consultant has given up and a junior doctor has taken over.

From my late mom's experience, I think the line between cure and palliative is separated by a large swathe of grey. Most certainly so when oncologists disagree. This is not as straightforward as appendicitis.

Palliative or not, Temozolomide gave her a few more good months, so good that she was well enough for us to take her to Floriade 2002.

Cruel to be kind or not, such decisions aren't easy. Perhaps Andy Ho should continue to write about this. I have always seen him as one well informed smart guy.

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