Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2-room flats: Pundits got it wrong

The pundits got it all wrong. See how popular these 2-room flats are. I never blogged agreeing with these experts. No, the experts aren't incompetent. They are thoroughly familiar with their domain far beyond my knowledge but the government is not any housing supplier. It is not a business and has the wherewithal to modify the terms. If they want it badly enough they will get it. The only time they can't is when the people are up in arms like over the PWP.

In the financial business we learn never to bet against the Fed. Draw the same lesson for any sector here which the government is dominant and overwhelming. That's almost every sector.

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  1. My friend,the time is not ripe yet,but it is also not far away,keep your finger crossed,you may be surprised.