Friday, October 26, 2012

The PM on housing problems & family values

I was struck by two newspaper articles I read this morning. First from the ST.

The PM correctly observed that many housing problems at their roots in family break ups. It so logical for him to encourage families not to break up. Unfortunately his perspective is so archaic.

Look at the next article from the WSJ.

Unlike now, why were there fewer family break ups before? This story is emblematic of times then. Is the PM suggesting that we turn back the clock? Families were probably as unhappy then as now. The only difference is that they do not pour outside from the home to the streets.


  1. What the PM didnt say are the reasons for these break ups.
    Is it due to loss of jobs (to FT?) , gambling, PRC woman or other forms of vices that are good escapism for people when city and money stresses become all too great?

    Easy for him to say...because that will save them alot of housing hassle. It is what it is today, and instead of telling people to stay together to work it out..far better they have their place (without prejudice by the govt) to live their separate but happier lives.

  2. Lee Hsien Loong states the obvious.
    What help is that? His party has
    shaped the kind of attitudes that
    people have now. They have played
    on human weaknesses for decades,
    and now he wants to complain??!!

    These days, it takes a lot to stay
    married, even more to stay married

    When we jump and report to the police
    small inconsequential things involving
    neighbours and other pple, when we get
    upset over minor inconveniences, when
    Money and Me matter more than anything
    else, the trials of marriage are hardly
    something that most people can weather
    or even attempt to sort out.

    I am in admiration of older couples
    who still talk to each other and hold
    hands. It takes so Much work.