Tuesday, October 2, 2012

School Fees from 2013

Received this from the school via my daughter this evening.

International students will from 2013 pay between $450 to $650 a month. PR will need to pay $120. Citizenship has its privileges: $5

This simply reminded me of the time we were in NUS. They made us picked up the cheque from the government and then visit the Bursar's office to pay our school fees. Just in case we do not know how much we have been subsidized.

Do I remember how much $$$ the government paid for my university education? No. I remember my father paid about six hundred dollars and proudly said it was well worth it.

I bet my daughter do not know how much more PRs and international students are paying. That's what this blog is for isn't it? To remember. Meanwhile most people wouldn't remember, and the government communication objective is not achieved.

Update: 12:15pm.

Oops! Got picked up by Singapore Daily. On and off I see my posts featured in their high traffic site. They and a few others regularly bring a lot of traffic.

Although blogging for myself and family I accept that if it connects or resonates with others and they find them useful, so be it.


  1. But higher education i.e. poly and university not so highly subsidised. That's the common complt.

  2. You are hilarious. You have no idea how dirt cheap Singapore universities are compared to what citizens elsewhere pay for their university. LOL. Frog in the well.

  3. @Anonymous: Ok there...chill.

    Actually, higher education in Singapore for citizens (SC) is substantially cheaper than for foreign students (IS). That is also one of the reasons why our universities "reserve" a certain portion of vacancies for IS. Of course, there are scholarships for some IS to "offset" the higher cost, but that's another matter.

    Students in some countries pay much more for their unis than us. Just ask the Americans. Others pay much less than us (maybe the Nordic countries?). In general, I think our uni education still gives most of us sufficient financial "ROI" to deem the cost of education itself "worthwhile".

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