Friday, October 19, 2012

Riding Pillion to School

Whenever I see a student riding pillion to school, I always think they are from an low income family especially judging by how the rider dressed. Without fail, I wish the kid would do very well in school but the statistics tell me I am probably too wishful. Next, I will  wonder what happens if it rains. The kid will have to go by public transport. Then I will ask why they didn't opt for the school bus. Stupid question I can't help cogitating in my mind: It is damn expensive!

But this morning I have enough out of mind presence to remember to take this picture because the lights were red for a very long time. The next time I witness something similar I would definitely remember I blogged about this. So why did I bother to even post this then, except that it is too late now.

I am asking myself now, why I thought this way? Because long ago my parents had sometimes told me that was how they had felt.


  1. Hi Sir. Dont mind blank out his plate number to help save him some money.


  2. Thanks Russ for pointing that out. I have fixed it.